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Black American Male Golfers Headlines
Harold Varner III. Age: 31 World Ranking: 40. Masters appearances: First. T-23rd-photo MGM

 Recent event of Harold Varner III’s personal legal situation should not cast a disparaging shadow on his work to help kids develop into meaningful young men and women through their experiences with golf.

The HV3 Foundation is one of the principal reasons HV3 decided to join LIV Golf. Varner has no illusions about why he jumped to LIV, admitting it was a financial windfall for his family that he could not pass up. “I play golf to change the direction of my family’s life. And that’s it. No other reason,” Varner told the Washington Post. Apr 6, 2023

When Harold Varner III enjoyed a moderately successful time on the PGA Tour, he stated that he would use his new found wealth to create opportunities in the game for youth. The 32-year-old Gastonia, North Carolina, was unbashful in stating that LIV Golf provides generational wealth not yet open to him on the PGA Tour.

Boosted by his multi-million dollar signing bonus with LIV Golf and earnings from the PGA Tour and sponsors, Varner has delivered on his promise to expand opportunities for youth in the game through his HV3 Foundation, which has partnered with the First Tee and Youth on Course to make the game more accessible and affordable to youth in the Charlotte area and Akron, Ohio, where he was born. In March, the HV3 Foundation (hv3founation.org) sponsored the CIAA Men’s Golf Championship. Hosted by the Jacksonville (N.C.) Country Club, the tournament fielded seven HBCU schools, including Fayetteville State, which won the team title.

“I feel like I get to help a lot of people now,” he said after his first LIV win. “That’s what kills me sometimes. It costs a lot of money to help a lot of people. … The greatest thing you can do is go do what’s right.”

 Minority Golf Magazine has not taken a position on any of the legal or moral issues being argued or discussed by many regarding the various tours. We sincerely hope that all the contentious issues separating the golf tours are quickly resolved. Golf fans should not have to choose their favorite player based on a particular golf tour.

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