APGA and Farmers Insurance Partner to showcase an elite field of Black American Professional Golfers in San Diego, CA. Click on photo to read more.


Daniel Augustus fired up to take on the famous Torrey Pines course along with 18 top players from The APGA (Advocates Professional Golf Association) on January 28, 2023.

Daniel Augustus- photo by Andy Molloy

Danial Augustus is a Professional golfer with ambitions and goals yet to be attained at the highest levels of professional golf. 

When one hears the term Professional Golfer and how Daniel would address himself, the casual listener naturally relates him to the more notables of the professional ranks. Justin Thomas, Harold Varner, III, Rory McElroy, and Tiger Woods, among many others. Because all of the above play for money, legacy, and personal achievements, the similarity between them and Daniel is very similar.

The notables mentioned above all have shared beginnings, i.e., parents with the means to provide the best education, early life coaching, and initial financial support to their son, who now ranks among the best golfers in the world. However, Daniel’s story is not unlike many players of color who came before; enduring economic hardships, sub-standard municipal courses, and lack of financing, he now stands emotionally ready and prepared to take his place among the elites of professional golf. And one day soon to be paired with a Justin Thomas, Rory, or even Tiger in a premier PGA event and not unattainable…. a major. Daniel found a reservoir of faith, perseverance, and a will to achieve. Even at the ripe old age of 38.

 Daniel’s journey has humble beginnings in Bermuda, and the challenges he faced and endured as a young man growing up in less-than-ideal circumstances is a gross understatement but not uncommon for young men and women of color.

We will highlight Daniel Augustus’ story in a not-to-distant future feature in Minority Golf Magazine. However, we take joy in writing about this deserving young man’s opportunity of a lifetime: Tee it Up in the 2023 APGA Tour Farmers Invitational Field. This event was made possible by the hard work of the executive staff of APGA, the PGA Tour, and Farmers Insurance Corporation.

The Farmers Insurance Open will be held at Torrey Pines, San Diego, CA, January 25-28, and the APGA Farmers Insurance Invitational will begin on the same course on January 28-29th.

“It’s Torrey Pines, and not too many people can say they have played there under tournament conditions, let alone play out there on a regular day,” Augustus told The Royal Gazette. “It’s one of the best golf courses in America.

“It’s the best field. It’s only 18 of us playing, and it’s the strongest players from this past year, so it’s the best of the APGA Tour,” Augustus said.

The APGA Farmers Invitational will field eighteen of the top players for the 2022 APGA season, and to be included means Daniel will finally have a chance to showcase his skills before a national audience since The Golf Channel will carry this event in a live broadcast.

We at Minority Golf Magazine wish this young (old) man the best, but the remaining field of APGA Professionals will soon have their space exclusively in Minority Golf Magazine.

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