The 2022 African American Golf Expo August 27-31, 2022, Charlotte, NC.

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African American Golf Expo Committee member Arnett Gill stated, “The African American Golf Expo and Forum yield all people, especially people of color an opportunity to learn about the cultural impact of African American Golf, to explore the immersive and interactive exhibits that pertain to the rich history of golf and possibly see priceless artifacts from our history.” Chief of Staff for Jim Beatty Golf Ventures, Charlene Williams, stated,” I remember walking with Jim and sitting in on several interviews as well as taking notes during our visit to the PGA Merchandise Show before COVID. Neither of us was pleased that we did not see any representation of diversity or inclusion. At that very moment, change became a key factor. We pay, we play, and we certainly count!! What can I say? My CEO is both a risk taker and a genius. More so, we both put our faith in God and not man. Jim, invited me to join his team to put together the first and only African American EXPO. I am truly grateful that Jim allowed me to assist him in mapping out a program that highlights diversity and inclusion in the golf industry to promote jobs and careers for people of color.” “Our motto this year is MAKE GOLF YOUR THING “AT THE 2ND ANNUAL AFRICAN AMERICAN GOLF EXPO AND FORUM.” Why Committee member Rodney Littles stated, “I am humbled to be a small part of this event.” “These multi-year events make it easier to reach the goals set and bring a positive experience for participants on both sides of the table. Committee member Arnett Gill said: “In the spirit of diversity being a strength for our Nation because it is certainly time for the Golf Industry to become more inclusive in jobs and business opportunities. “African Americans were assumed to caddie for their slavemasters in the south in the days of slavery. African Americans took up the game in the early 1900s. In fact, the golf tee was invented by George F. Grant in 1899, an African American dentist by trade, and he took up golf after the Civil War. It was virtually the only way they could play on private and public courses. Estimates show that of the more than 5,000 golf facilities in the US in 1939, less than 20 were open to Black players”. Committee member Charles Kearse stated, “Working with the African American Golf Expo and Forum has been exhilarating. I have learned more about golf business by working with Jim Beatty and the Expo team than I’ve learned in my first 21 years. I’m more committed to finding my place in this game that I love, along with the great people, places, and history. I am developing a vision to be a part of the bright future of the game of golf, thanks to my AA Golf Expo experience. Let us arise and build! I believe that by working together, we can move the African American ownership number from less than 2% to 15% in my lifetime. “Committee member Bernard Truesdale stated, “The AAG EXPO and Forum is an opportunity for people of color to come together with the common interest of advancing our stake in the Golf Industry. It allows minority-owned businesses to access supply chain opportunities while allowing other minority business owners the chance to forge partnerships to advance their objectives.”  A four-day golf spa of history, fun, relaxation, and knowledge, including a golf clinic at the iconic Dr. Charlie Sifford golf course, is on the agenda. Also, break-out sessions from speakers in the industry, vendors, a one-of-a-kind special event, food, and fashion all centered around golf and more. Save the dates of August 27-31, 2022, Charlotte, NC. Don’t miss it!!!

Charlene T. Williams USN AW/SW/MTS(Ret) Chief of Staff  Jim Beatty Golf Ventures P: (757) 214-5097 E: “Join Me at the African American Golf Expo & Forum 2022 – (Charlotte, N.C.)”

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