Cameron Champ Lives Up To His Name to Win 3M Open

Black American Male Golfers

Cameron Champ won for the third straight year on the PGA Tour.

By Herschel Caldwell

Cameron Champ overcame a like luster start to  the first half of the year with a number of mechanical and mind issues.

By his own admission, being newlywed he allowed himself to become distracted trying to balance a personal life at home with the stress and demands of a professional life on the golf course.

The 3M Open proved to be a turning point and a validation of his sense of balance and skills, fending off the obvious effects of dehydration, he put on a brilliant putting display on his way to five under sixty-six, for a two stroke victory sealing his third PGA Tour win.

After missing the cut at the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit and a 11th place finish at the John Deere Classic, Champ had a wake-up call inside of himself.

“After Detroit, I just took a step back and said, ‘You know what? This is enough. I can’t keep going on this way. I’m not enjoying the game,’” Champ said.

“It’s more so realizing what I want to do in the game of golf and then who I want to be at home. It’s a balance you have to find, and if you don’t, it can really haunt you and it can cause a lot of issues,” Champ said. “So I just feel like the last two months I’ve been in a lot better head space.”

Another 90 degree day was taking its toll. Relying on his golf instincts and skills, he held it together for the win.

“The Gatorade definitely helped, I think, keep me going,” said Champ.  His wife and all of us would agree.

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